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  1. Happy Birthday bro!
  2. I'll have it done tomorrow. Work's kept me busy these past couple of days.
  3. How's that promo coming bro?
  4. Yeah sure bud
  5. i passed my promo along, but i think Destruction is next but his inbox is full. I'll check in the morning if he cleared it, if not it may be a bit before I can forward it to him. If not, could you send it to him?
  6. I got it all. Great job man.
  7. hey man, the promo is finished. i'm not sure how much of it you have tho so just let me know and i'll get you all of it
  8. Cheers buddy!
  9. should've just sent
  10. I've got yours & Vands first two parts. Send me your next part when you have it done buddy.
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