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  1. Replied...
  2. Something in the pit for you
  3. I'm designated chef for the day. Had me a good few beers already... So far so good!
  4. Merry Christmas Ka$h!

    Hope you're having a good day, bro!
  5. Merry Christmas Eddie!!

    Hope you have a good day, and are feeling better.

    Peace, bro.
  6. No worries man, if you wanna leave it til next week to finish it up then that's fine dude. We have an idea for Ma$$ to be on the show regardless.
  7. Won't lie, though, an unforeseeable and unfortunate series of events led to a very unproductive period for me I've been unable to do any eWork over the last five or so days, and only started It a few hours ago.. My eyes are sore, and I'm fading fast. I'm trying, though, bruv.
  8. Alright man, we wanna get the show out today so we may end up using it next week if you don't get it in for tonight. Ma$$ will still be on the show in some vicinity.
  9. Working on it now. Give me some hours. It shall be done today, I hope
  10. How's that promo coming along dude? Need it ASAP!
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