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  1. That last one works great bro! Thanks!
  2. More up tempo? Let's see

  3. I'm leaning more towards the first one, but I was thinking of having it even more up tempo than that, but I think metal wouldn't work that well.

  4. Some that I think might work
  5. Just throw out some random ideas mate.

    Basically, Smackdown in my BtB has just gone live so I'm changing it up a bit.
  6. What are your thing to go for? Or do you just want some random things I feel would suit it well?
  7. Bro, I know you're good with theme songs and such, well in my BtB, I need a new theme song for Smackdown, any ideas? Cuz I got nothing haha.
  8. Thanks man means a lot!
  9. Dude, you've had a rough week man- don't worry about it in the slightest

    You know I'm your bro- I got your back
  10. You know what that's fine. I'm sorry man I couldn't get it sooner
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