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  1. Yeah buddy
  2. I was going to do my D-boy promo tomorrow... Send it to Niall right?
  3. Fair enough lol... I was just curious when I saw it was booked for tomorrow.
  4. Haven't got a clue haha.

    Niall, I guess?
  5. Hey, who's doing the matches tomorrow for the thing?
  6. Cheers bud.
  7. Hey bud, great promo!
  8. Sounds good man...

    It is a long show, should be a great read.
  9. Yeah, still compiling bud.

    LONG show here.

    If you look at the rundown on the card, I'm currently on the Vanity Championship match, so I'm about 2/3's through.

    I'm aiming to start posting before Raw's over. I have a day off tomorrow so it's definitely going up tonight.
  10. Things going ok bud?
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