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  1. Snap. We'll have to diary it in at some point.
  2. We do! I'm pretty busy for the next week or so though...
  3. The masses want more. We need to work out another time to do this shit, yo!
  4. Can you head to the Pit please buddy?
  5. Left a little something for you in the Pit.
  6. Kyojin was coming off his one World Championship reign (travesty, btw), Smyth was barely in the door. That feud made Smyth a star. I mean, yeah, it also indirectly caused the Kyo heel turn and we all know how that turned out, but let's stayed focused on you here

    We did haha. I have most of my old promos saved but there's so many that I have to really be in the mood. I forget which ones I do have and don't have.

    I need to message you about something actually. Watch your inbox!
  7. Could one not argue that Kyp benefited as much as Smyth?

    We did some good shit. I do occasionally go back and read the old stuff.
  8. Just randomly found about 90% of the promos from the Smyth-Kyo feud, and my god, I was awesome.

    You won that thing? The fuck man...

    Just messin' with ya, cunt nugget!

    I see why Mr. Smyth is so over now though if he got that headstart
  9. Ignore the last PM, was just an option that I thought might be good but I've come up with something else.

    Still need your green light on the first idea though.
  10. Empty, soppy bollocks!
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