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  1. Only other person online :/
  2. It went to Vegas after me.

    But no worries, I'll be sure to do that next time
  3. Because it never made it to my inbox, I dont know where it got lost but somewhere along the way it did and never made it to me so for your your next promo assignment, send it to through Facebook or let me know through that you got it done so I can verify it's in my inbox. Sorry your promo wasn't used but I honestly never got it.
  4. Dude. Do you know why wasn't my promo used on Brutality? I had it done Wednesday
  5. I'll finish within the next hour. Work has been crazy and haven't been able to do much but I'll have it ready in a bit.
  6. How you doing with your promo dude
  7. Yes, yes you are Enjoy it man.
  8. Facebook and a VM! I'm a lucky boy.

    Cheers dude
  9. Happy Birthday
  10. Thank you very much.
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