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  1. Shite, I forgot to do the last part.
    Give me 10-15 minutes, and it'll be with you.
  2. No more later than today. Should be a few hours. Sorry it's taken so long but I've been too busy with work and the shows that I haven't really had the time to sIt and do the promo butI'll have done today. Speaking of promos any word on yours and WF's Brutality promo I asked for?
  3. Any word on when I can get your Reks part.
  4. I didn't get a Page promo request. Send it to me today and I'll try to do it asap
  5. Dude, did you do your Paige promo? I don't seem to have it.
  6. Alright. Cheers dude.

    And nothing back. Providing I get through my schoolwork ASAP, it'll be with you soon.
  7. Krysys has chosen not to do his part of the promo, so I'm doing mine now to send to Bear today. Any word from Tommy or CGB abut the promo, to do your part?
  8. No. I can reach him on FB a little later today to do it even if its just a small part then I'll add mine and send it off the next person.
  9. Did Krysys get you his promo before the banning.
  10. Not yet. I know if Krysys had it, he'd tell me on FB or at least done it quick enough for me to have it already. So the wait lies in Jelly or GGG < being the more likely one since he hasn't been on for quite some time and also held up the UK promo quite a bit.
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