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  1. Thank you and I make no promises
  2. Happy birthday my fellow pothead! Have a good one, and don't get too high man!
  3. Hey bruv, can you do me a favour quick? Could you send me the first part of the Shaz GP promo because I accidentally cleared out my inbox, and deleted that in the process. I've got your promos though, so don't worry about that. Cheers in advance, bruv.
  4. Cleared my inbox mate, sorry about that!
  5. I'm gonna start it today. No worries.
  6. Yo, bruv. You wanna start the Slayde/Shaz promo tonight?
  7. Haha it's fine, I got high myself on Xmas so yeah....keep on blazing, bro
  8. You know hahahah! Blazed is my middle name!

    Oh crap- I forgot to reply to your VM. I hope you had a good Christmas. All I wanted was weeed!
  9. xD Fucking knew it too. We potheads can always tell
  10. Dude, I'm actually really high now.
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