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  1. Missing yours and Doom's (you can send that along when you send yours)
  2. Imma going to work on it now. You have all the previous segments?
  3. Need an update on the promo soon
  4. The promos you need to use are titled: The True HW / JM promo.

    Sorry about that, and for taking too long to be sent
  5. Yo, man, ignore the two PMs I just sent you, the promos are messy due to that shit my PC does of joining random words together.
  6. Yo, man, sorry for not replying back. Thanks and hope you are having a killer time. And happy new year in advance!!! LOL.
  7. Merry Xmas, hope you're enjoying the holidays.
  8. Can you pop up in the cave for a sec, please?
  9. Thank you very much.
  10. Brutality finishers have been provided.
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