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  1. I'll try. Miss you guys
  2. I KNOW!!!! Hopefully you'll be back for a while this time around.
  3. Oh I did bro Sorry for the late reply. Been gone for a while.
  4. Merry Xmas, hope you're enjoying the holidays.
  5. Gotcha!
  6. Lol, yeah I was just busting your chops. I have fun that way lol
  7. Oh that. I just like the word Lol
  8. Didnt you ''Fella''? lol
  9. Didnt get the 'Sheamus' joke Lol
  10. Anytime, Sheamus Hahaha just kidding.

    Ring the Bell is gonna be one the forum's most sought after weekly segments at the rate of success its had thus far and will only get better as time goes by so keep up the good work.
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