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  1. Cleared, sorry bud... My inbox has been crazy as of late lol.
  2. Clear some space in your inbox when possible.
  3. Anytime bro
  4. Finished Matthew Black on WWE 2K14, thanks for the idea buddy!
  5. Thank you, Dennis.
  6. Happy birthday man.
  7. Yea, I IC with my characters often. Not so much with roman because I think he kind of speaks for himself... But a lot with my boy scout Matt Black.
  8. Before joining a creative group, a lot. Like possibly 3+ of IC alone and I used to do huge promos that took over an hour to write sometimes because ideas flowed so easily and it was such a good way to get noticed. My first character alone, Jason Alexander, quickly gained the title King of the Indies because I used to do so much with him so long ago. A tiny (he's 5' 11" lol) loudmouth who thought he take on the wrestling world all alone. He got noticed a lot because of how much work I put in to IC and all things fedding back then. So trust me, I did a lot.
  9. Yea, life takes priority some times. How much efedding did you do a couple years back?
  10. Work and life take most of my time. I wish I could IC as i used to sometimes though. Helped put my name out there and I would IC with anyone who stepped for days at a time. There just isn't enough time for that anymore. Hell I used to be The King of Reviews as Eddie called me in the Be the Booker and now I barely have the time to glance at that section and find a good thread to follow. I used to do a lot in the forums a few years back. So just to find the time to write my matches and get promos in is enough for me.
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