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  1. Inbox cleared. Sorry.
  2. My box is cleared by the way, sorry if you tryed to send me anything more.
  3. Yea it's really no sweat with that regard, her name can very easily be filled in .
  4. Your inbox is full, but anyway I sent it you the promo already.
  5. Sorry again for the silence all week on the promo btw ;P

    That's my new face btw...(;P) lol.
  6. I didn't I just saw it on recent activity and seemed like it was meant for me.
  7. Yea, damn real inebriated here and messaged myself...How'd you even know to look at my page to see it lol
  8. I assume that last post was for me so yes it did lol.
  9. Yes I sent it today.
  10. Did you ever send it all in?
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