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  1. Well I started writing my part just in case, so do you want me to send my part to you after I'm done with it?
  2. I wasn't sure who'd be starting it. I can start it if you want.
  3. Yo GG! When do you think you'll get your promo in?
  4. Hey hun, would you elaborate on the plans you mentioned when you get the chance?
  5. Hey did you get a chance to see my last message?
  6. Hey G, for your assignment- once you've completed the promo with B-Mac. Please send it onto TTC, so he can do his part. Thank you.
  7. Wait, did you send the promo to Rehmix or SouthernBlood (SB)?
  8. I don't get it lol.
  9. I think you mean SB hahaha!
  10. I sent Rehmix our promo now.
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