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  1. Ugh I've tried but can't find the link to the shows :-x
  2. Ok done! :P
  3. Clear some space miss!
  4. Nitro is every Thursday but this week's show has already been decided and planned out so nothing is needed.. the other questions will become clear once you get an assignment okay!
  5. When's Nitro? And when do the promos for it need to be in and to whom would I send it to? lol
  6. Well Raw and Nitro have already been planned out for this week.. Plans have been written for you too be apart of the next Nitro though and I may have you appear on the next Raw too so expect PM's during the week
  7. So when would we find out if we have something this week?
  8. Same here!
  9. That's awesome! I'm excited about this
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