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  1. Will do, I'm reading the second page right now. It's long, but I like that and I'm glad it's finally finished.
  2. Good I'm glad to hear it Well done!

    I did missy, I was meaning to message back.

    Once you are done with the Ppv, if you could.. drop some feedback Would like to hear what you thought.
  3. Hey boss man! Read page 1 of the ppv so far and I was very happy with it (not just cause one of my characters had a big win). Did you by any chance read my last message?
  4. Your inbox is full boss man.
  5. Nah not for me. Didn't look appealing.

    Glad you liked it though.
  6. It was noodles, broth, an egg and pork and yes it was good. I'm sure you would've liked it .
  7. Hmmm.. I'm not sure about that miss. Not for me.

    Hope you enjoyed it though.
  8. They sure do and check out last night's dinner at the mall.

  9. Sounds awesome!

    So cool Haha! I bet they have everything there.
  10. I am, it's really awesome here and next weekend I'm heading to Tokyo by train. Now behold Star Wars chopsticks.

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