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  1. Your inbox is full and I tried sending you a PM.
  2. That's correct. this week we will be planning the shows and getting the assignment's out, then the shows will carry on as normal the week after.
  3. Yea as far as face Divas there's just Trish, Maria and Nattie, but Nattie's MIA for now which is sad. Glad to see Layla in there now as well, but not sure if she's a face or heel. I assume next week there are no shows?
  4. Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe so, But I feel we picked the right choices and Congrats on making it to the final. I'm glad you liked the Raven thing.. and yeah only Trish could have fitted that role so I went with her.. I think it was done well.
  5. Very nice show. I think some would've liked to see Paige in the 3 way more than Trish lol, but I enjoyed the Raven thing with Trish and wouldn't have made as much impact on a heel.
  6. Check the show and give some feedback please GG.
  7. Lucky you That's good to hear.
  8. Well I was spending a week in Orlando so I didn't have as much time, but I'm back.
  9. Yeah has been weird not being on here as much.. things will be back to normal soon though Always here if you need to PM me or anything.
  10. Just got used to chatting with you and haven't seen your around is all. Hope you get more time off soon.
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