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  1. Just introduce us.
  2. Since you guys have complete control over this promo I need you to tell me if you want to be in the ring first or I call you out.
  3. How's it going with the Raw promo?
  4. Hey not sure if you saw, but I replied to your Nitro review explaining about Sable's promo..
  5. Haha thanks
  6. Oh and speaking of Trish and Lita behold:

  7. Congrats on the title win! Hope this isn't the end of the Trish and Lita saga lol.
  8. Cheers GG!
  9. Just learned that it's your b-day. Hope you have a great one (and I don't mean a baby Rock).
  10. No problemo! I think my part was pretty good and really gives Athena more depth.
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