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  1. Hey I sent you a message and I need your answer to turn in my promo.
  2. Thanks, I appreciate that.
  3. Just so you know, I do have plans for Eden. I am working on expanding the character and want to add some depth to her as you will see soon. And she will have a promo for the next show. Promise
  4. Hey send me that promo asap please!
  5. I'll start it off.
  6. Hey did you want to write some lines at the start of the promo or did you want me to write the promo without your characters talking?
  7. I replied to your IC'ing hehe.
  8. Left something in IWA you might like to reply to
  9. As long as it's sent to scribbler I am fine with it
  10. Would it be a problem if Eden's promo was backstage? I have an awesome one planned.
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