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  1. Shit, it's Saturday! I completely didn't realize!
    I'll move it on now..
  2. Hey Tommy I was just checking on our promo, send it to me asap cause I just realized there's other people involved in it.
  3. Thank you kindly!
  4. Congratulations!
  5. Ah, I did start it, but I realized that I only sent it to GGG, I didn't CC you in lol! I'll forward it now!
  6. Hey did you get started on our second promo yet?
  7. No problem, just making sure. I sent you the ending of the first promo so you could use it to decide what to write in the second one.
  8. I do remember, i'm still working at the minute (I'm writing this from my ipod as I have a cup of tea sat on the tractor in a field lol).
    I'll get on it as soon as I get in later, promise
  9. Hey just wanted to make sure you remember we have a second promo.
  10. I tend to let the creative team format it, it's their job IMO. But yeah, I'll be with you now on facebook!
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