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  1. damn great chyna promo
  2. Glamour Girl, Hey I just sent you a JBW promo assignment but forgot to mention- if possible could you get it to R(ob) by Thursday at the latest
  3. I read and am glad to learn that.
  4. have missed ICing with you too. I have a little more time to do it now- before and after my job as I have set hours at this job
  5. I've missed this kind of IC'ing with you .
  6. Are you back? Did you find a way around your problem or have you not left yet but still plan to?
  7. Yea that match was wicked lol. I wasn't expecting the win but I'm very happy I got it.
  8. I am glad it was you as you have been doing great with your promos in the efeds- even though most of your promo work has been in WWE fed, you still do great on them. And yes, that match was pretty awesome- lots of back and forth
  9. Just saw it and thanks so much! It made my night and the match was so brilliantly written.
  10. you may want to run over and read the TWE show Krysys just posted- congrats!
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