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  1. Are you back? Did you find a way around your problem or have you not left yet but still plan to?
  2. Yea that match was wicked lol. I wasn't expecting the win but I'm very happy I got it.
  3. I am glad it was you as you have been doing great with your promos in the efeds- even though most of your promo work has been in WWE fed, you still do great on them. And yes, that match was pretty awesome- lots of back and forth
  4. Just saw it and thanks so much! It made my night and the match was so brilliantly written.
  5. you may want to run over and read the TWE show Krysys just posted- congrats!
  6. Yea me neither, but for this next one we might have to wait a bit cause I have no idea when she's debuting, then again I had no idea when Eve was debuting either lol.
  7. alrighty- can't wait to see who it is- and can't wait for Nitro and IYH too
  8. Okay thanks! Maybe once my last character's revealed I'll take you up on that offer .
  9. It was no problem- though I really didn't do much. And hey if you ever want a custom sig pic with your WWE characters just let me know- I could do one for you
  10. Oh yea I only planned to use one of them and yea it worked thanks!
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