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  1. Jelly cupcake? Doesn't have the same ring to it, but ok...
  2. Never call me a doughnut again....

    I prefer cupcake, the most superior of all pastries.
  3. Hey Jelly Doughnut . Do you have anything for me yet?
  4. Any update on the promo?
  5. Ah alright, I'm just touching base with everyone cause I have more involvement on this show than usual and still have a few promos I haven't gotten to write for.
  6. G.G.G has yet to send me his part of the promo.
  7. Hey how's our promo coming along?
  8. I forwarded it to him too, I just sent it to you so you'd see it.
  9. Thanks, Double G. Just sent the promo to Triple G.
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