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  1. Hey there! Did you get a chance to read my PM?
  2. Yea and even if she hadn't been either she sure did what I wanted her to do which was change the perception of women in wrestling.
  3. Yeah, that's what I was going for. She never went over against M.I.A.M.I... She got over.

    She might not have been in match of the night in some peoples eyes, but she was definitely superstar of the night lol.
  4. It was awesome. When I first saw it posted I didn't have time to read all of it so I skipped to the end and read she lost and was kind of bummed, but then when I had the time to sit down and read it all I noticed that it didn't matter cause she was awesome in it, awesome in both matches and she showed true dominance even though she lost so there was no shame in it lol.
  5. Thanks, G.G.!! How'd you like the Athena stuff?? She was definitely fun to write for. I managed to get that spot you wanted as well. Its safe yo say that from now on Athena will be strictly wrestling the men lol.
  6. Great job on the show. Definitely worth the wait .
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