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  1. I know this might surprise you, but I don't really watch TNA... haha

    I'll take your word on it being kind of bad.
  2. Just got done watching this week's TNA which I thought was awful lol.
  3. I've been pretty good. Just got done with my favorite holiday so that's a thing. Very bored now, but I'm watching New Girl... So that's a win.

    How about yourself?
  4. Lol well thanks. How have you been?

  5. So I'm bored and thought I'd post a random gif to somebodies wall...
  6. No problem.
  7. No you came off fine, but thanks for being so understanding .
  8. No problem. Sorry if I came off jerkish earlier at all... Wasn't my intent.
  9. Yea sorry guess I got used to sending them to him lol.
  10. Yea, it said in the message to send it to me but I'm sure you just overlooked it, it's no big deal... it got handled.

    The show is up if you are interested in reviewing it.
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