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  1. Hey I noticed the promo between Harlem Heat and Beer Money didn't include your part so I wondered what happened. Did you forget to send it in or was it lost? I sent in the Beer Money and Jackie part, but I never saw your part so I assumed you sent it in on your own.
  2. Ok thank you!
  3. I've been working pretty much nonstop and peaking at threads on breaks for the last couple days. I'll do my part as soon as i get home from work and let you finish it off with hopefully enough time before the deadline.
  4. How's our promo coming along?
  5. You're welcome, it was no trouble at all. You would do the same in my situation I'm sure.
  6. Well thanks, I appreciate that .
  7. Yeah, that's what I thought you had done. Only fair to let you know I noticed it I thought.
  8. Yea I deleted the list of contenders to just add the winner's name, but then I skipped it lol.
  9. Yeah I was reading through what people expected to happen and noticed that there was a blank spot on that question. I figured you must have just forgot to write in your winner.
  10. Ah thank you! Guess I missed it hehe.
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