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  1. Hey I wanted to chat with u on FB for a second
  2. Hey if u could get on FB for a sec, wanted to ask you something
  3. There going... I am finishing them tomorrow. You should have them tomorrow.
  4. How goes the second set of questions bro?
  5. Ok hope everything is alright. Also, the promo is 10x more important the ITT just so ya know bro!
  6. hey man sorry about the absences, been without internet for the past three days due to a family situation, I will get on them right now. but won't really be free again until tomorrow night maybe and maybe monday night but not sure. sorry about that
  7. Hey how goes those questions for Inside the tights?
  8. Cool deal.
  9. Btw good promo. I liked what I read and I think others will too
  10. Hopefully tuesday. Wednesday at the latest. got exams this week.
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