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  1. Are you able to come to the batcave for a second man? Need to fill you in on something.
  2. Just reminding you about your Rage stuff man, don't want you leaving yourself with a mountain of things to do at the last minute, so just making sure that you're on top of it.
  3. No worries man, nothing major
  4. sorry I couldn't get to the cave, was at work
  5. Can I see you in the batcave for a second man?
  6. Ah, can you jump into the batcave for a second man? Need your help sorting something out!
  7. Already taken sorry man, we were at it sorting it last night see. If there's a problem then a swap could be arranged maybe?
  8. did you not see my visitor message in which i said I could do 7 and 10? or were they already taken when i sent that message?
  9. You'll be doing 8 and 13 if that's cool man? Make sure you ask for promos to be back by Sunday, and then I need your parts in good time so that I can post the show before Raw airs on Monday
  10. I can do 7 and 10
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