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  1. Merry Xmas, hope you're enjoying the holidays.
  2. Hey bro, just visiting and saying hi so....hi
  3. Hahaha yeah I hope so and thanks again
  4. yeah man...i wish i did that but i got use to it pretty fast (atleast i think that) well thats awesome man you will be a top guy in e-fedding the way ya going
  5. Thanks, thats mean a lot and I already have my sights set on JBW just not for a while.

    While JBW is awesome it is a bit much right now in my opinion and it shows no sign of slowing down and I dont wanna be just another fly on the wall; thats why I decided to go the indy route so that when I do join a bigger fed it'll mean more.

    You know what I mean?
  6. cheers man same ya work in e-feds man and hope one day ya join JBW
  7. Happy to have you as a friend, thanks for the request
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