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  1. hey man good work you deff have the skill to become an e-fed writer thats forshure your shows a long you carry it well....i dont really pay that much attention to any storyline but i read threw your commentary and what not and you are FUCKING CREATIVE
  2. yeah me too man...ill see u there
  3. Of course im going to be watching it in the chat
  4. K man ill read it after hell in a cell
  5. check out my show this week and tell me what you think
  6. Thanks man it took me like 4hrs to write that show but i like how it came out too
  7. hey man enjoyed UWE...good writing on your behalf
  8. yep no worries
  9. UWE is up now tell me what you think when you get a chance
  10. oi bro ganna PM you agian so STAY UP PLEASE i need to tell ya this stuff OK
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