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  1. Yeah... I'm perfectly okay with you sending me a PM. What's going on? (Obviously answer in the PM.)
  2. yes not a member of JBW... i think i'll send ya a PM..ya all good with that???
  3. Thanks bro. Go join up. You DON'T have to be a JBW member to do so. It's just like a regular board but with an emphasis on Jabe is all.
  4. hey man just saw the NEW JBW site that's amazing man good so shocked on how big you guys are making it BUT its awesome to congrats man
  5. Oh that's awesome congrats on the baby boy and yes I'm coming back to e-Feds
  6. Well, I just got back. I was gone for a couple weeks. But other than that, everything is piecing together. Found out I'm gonna be the dad of another boy, and keeping busy with the normal. You coming back to e-fedding?
  7. haha cheers yeah im back after a busy spell how ya been man
  8. Good to see you alive.
  9. Thanks man! His debut is FINALLY this Mayhem coming up! It'll be WELL worth the wait lol.
  10. hey mate hope you are enjoying ya holiday with family and what not..cant wait for ya to return fully and see ya guy in action
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