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  1. ok nevermind I jsut removed Tommy's quote. I'll still send it off to him now and you in case your last bit makes it too long.

    what I mean is, just remove my bits from your pm you send to him. pretty obvious but I think I've done well at confusing this up.
  2. ah shit dude I borked the pm. listen, it's telling me it's too long. don't know if it allows longer ones as long as the quote stuff is still there. I removed it to make it easier to read. obviously I didn't think about limit. I'm gonna remove a little bit I said at the beginning and that should make it short enough to send to you and tommy. main reason I did this was so you could proofread and clean up your bits etc like I already did. I'm gonna send this to you and tommy now. can you send him your last bit? thanks
  3. Space made
  4. inbox full clear up some space real quick
  5. krysys krysys where are you. I love youuuuuuu

    le pm sent your way sir
  6. hey could you give me your info?
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