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  1. Well, nice to see you back...ish

    But in the HWA prediction contest, I guess you didn't see the bits about you can vote on your own match, and that Mexicans/Freak and Beast, was the first blood match, instead of BB/Best of British - which is also BB...ish
  2. Thank you. The only real difference was The Cabinet vs Generation Next, and WF went for the better choice, in the eyes of the judges.

    Still, I have faith that you guys will do well
  3. Unlucky man. You did yourself and us proud
  4. Happy days! Nice 1 bud
  5. Yep, that and CatC is my last bits
  6. You still doing the IC Tournament? Cause EWA could use the tournament being done so we can focus on finding a #1 contender against the champ is all...
  7. Oh yeah, stupid forgetful me. Forgot about that episode. I checked the roster thread - nothing

    I'm afraid not. This card has been set since April (but only now came to fruition), and finished the day before PoC - excluding Roba's promo
  8. Guessing you haven't read POC then lol
  9. Hitomi? d
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