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  1. thanks man
  2. Happy Birthday Vanny-Kins!
  3. No worries dude. I've got no school tomorrow, so I can do it as soon as I get it, then THBK has a day to do his bit .
  4. ASAP tomorrow pal. Really am sorry bro. Work has been a nightmare to say the least. Sorry man.
  5. Any word on when I'll get your bit of the promo dude?
  6. I was just on THBK's wall, and I should warn you that he's working away. He's due back today, but he may be late.
  7. Nice man

    Props to ya then lol
  8. Since I saw that picture .

    But I kinda follow British Basketball. Seen the Plymouth Raiders live half a dozen times in the past year or 2, and if it's on TV, I'll watch it.
  9. Since when are you into NBA? :P
  10. A silly goose I am. Sorry lol

    I'll crack on soon then
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