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  1. Fair enough pal.
  2. Hold off until Saturday. If THBK hasn't popped up by then, I'm going to change the format of the promo and I'll PM you and Rehmix then ok bro?
  3. Not at all man.
    Would you like me to do my part now then?

    I'll give him a few days and then I'll do his part if you want.
  4. Hey have you talked to thbk at all?
  5. I aint worried now. We've got till Tues
  6. I'm doing it later tonight man
    Probably should've told you other than making you worry so apologies bro.
  7. hey do you have that promo for JBW done? I need to do my part but I'm waiting on you
  8. Will do in a bit pal
  9. Hey when you get a min can you post VHX's bio in the IWA roster thread? Thanks bro!
  10. you know you can vote for 2 people in each category right?
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