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  1. There ya go my friend
  2. Clear some space in your PMs pls
  3. My heart skipped a beat then. :'( lol
  4. did a promo!? SHIT!.....jk i got it bro haha
  5. You got our joint 1?
  6. From what I've read, so far so good
  7. I got it. Dunno about THBK. He'll have it now since I sent the promo to everyone.

    Is the promo okay?
  8. hey, did Des get you his first part in the promo? He sent it to me, don't know if he sent it to you and THBK
  9. No he hasn't. If he hasn't sent you anything within 12 hrs, send me a PM and Ill see what is up
  10. Has Rehmix sent you his part of the promo yet? I've not talked to him for 2 days.
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