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  1. It completely slipped my mind! When I first read the assignment, I saw the words "Bitch about someone" and I immediately thought of you
  2. Not my fault you fucked up and went on the wrong roster.
  3. Fuck you for being on a different roster
  4. God damn IWA
  5. Turns out you're on the Revs roster, so you're out my promo. Unlucky man!
  6. Enjoy my bitching promo about you in IWA. You deserve it you vain prick
  7. Pau can go fuck himself.
  8. Paus flukeyness has more bite than that.
  9. You're such an egotistical twat. Watch your mouth, or I'll go all Ben Mitchell on your dirty ass!

    You need slapping down mate!
  10. I'm not afraid of someone with Silver membership...Yet alone someone out of the top 5.
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