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  1. Nice! Welcome aboard! (Match winners are random and just for a laugh btw.)
  2. The Weed Smoking Jamaican Rastafarian. The One And Only...Usain Kingston!
  3. Do you have anyone other than Shaz? Preferably a not serious/comedy character?

    If yes I can add them to the APW roster if you want lol
  4. Damn it man! I can't quote that :'(

    You've given me a lot to think about though. Thank you.
  5. You're a knob.
  6. Go on FB mate, need to talk to you.
  7. Lisa needs braces!
  8. Ah! I can now.
    Dental plan!
  9. I think its cause I didn't have u as a friend. Lol.


    I was just looking at threads in the Tea Spot forum and I found your thread. Lol.
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