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  1. Cool I'll check them out later. Playing WWE '13 right now.
  2. Awesome, I'll except it then when I get on next time.

    Don't worry about your score pal
    I'm more of a completionist the a gamerscore whore lol

    If you're new then look in the arcade section for happy wars and doritos crash course. Mainly cause they're free to download and play
  3. I'll decline his at this time.

    f/r sent and we have no games in common. I just got my XBox a couple months ago so my score a not a very good.
  4. I'm good man. How're you? Glad to see you back on pal!

    I believe that guy is Broc. Up to you whether or not you accept it or not.

    As for sending me 1. NO! GO AWAY YOU SMELLY PERSO--Aye man. Send a f/r and I'll accept it as soon as I see it
  5. Hey man, how you been?

    Hey someone named LEEONEEDES just sent me a friend request on XBL and I noticed that you are in his friend list. Can you please tell me who this is so I can decide whether to accept or decline.

    Thanx, and if I send you one will you accept?
  6. No worries pal. I'm semi unsure of how we're supposed to end it too lol
  7. Sorry bro I'll reply to that pm as soon as I can, I've been having some brain blockage lol. Can't think of good response right now.
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