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  1. How's your goup promo going along for IWA? Is it near finished, as I kind of need to add my bit soon
  2. I notced it as soon as I posted it. All fixed now
  3. Ah nvm. You added. I Apologise lol
  4. Dude, you didn't add JJJs song :S
  5. Yeah, that's fine, just as long as I can tell him he's in the cue
  6. Fair play but he'll be weeks away just so you know.
  7. For PoC, could you add the new guy Isreal Pamich to the end of the list. I don't know how i'd keep these new guys satisfied before their debut without you
  8. Swansea - Chelsea doesn't have a scoreline pal
  9. Not as much as I do now. After telling you to update yours, I see my own and realise it needs updating too lol
  10. haa I forgot to update my points. Thanks for telling me. I feel like a bit of a tool now lol
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