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  1. Does vipbox still work for you bro? :S
  2. get on xbox you dick!
  3. dick head! get online!
  4. You there? i'm on my billy
  5. Not impressed, I also went 2/2 last night m8 (we both won last night). I would but then half of the group of 4 are missing out when they've technically done enough to win so it's just easy to do this, sorry.
  6. I'll leave that up to you, whatever is best for business However, I would give up the World title and let you have it, if it means I'm the first triple crown winner! But it's your shout man. Also 2 out of 2 again. IN YER FACE!!
  7. Nah, we both won it so I'm thinking it would be cooler if we were involved in the first co-world champions storyline, dunno about the other titles yet since 1 of the other 4 need to willingly give up a title for a #2 pick
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