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  1. 10 year ago man ;_;
  2. No worries bud, I've done it now!
  3. Yeah sure, I don't see why not.
  4. Wait, could the IC be some like 'missing footage'- showing part of the show?
  5. FUCK!

    I had such a good idea. Sorry man.

    Okay, I'll just make an IC post to introduce myself.
  6. No worries.

    Awards show has gone up already pal, sorry. Feel free to do an Ooze 1 though for your first match.
  7. Shit man, I'm so sorry!

    Completely forgot!

    Can I get it to you now?
  8. Oh! Just seen it lol
    Here's me thinking I got out alive against you as well ;_; lol
  9. W-what's happened? A-And why do you want me gone ;_; lol
  10. Just can't get rid of you can I? hahaha!
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