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  1. Same. Van is always a character that brings out the best in everyone
  2. Fun working with you again man :3 <3
  3. Ah fair enough. In a nutshell. Close match and Nash dragged us yet again lol. Might be worth finding highlights
  4. Ha yeah. You can't win them all. I wish I would've been able to watch the game, but I was at work
  5. How about them Suns :P lol

    Good game though (You're the only 1 I know who follows BBall on here :'()
  6. Yeah the only bad thing is that Randolph and Conley are banged up already. We got killed by the Bulls Sunday night.
  7. Lol thank you pal. I'll see whoever I enjoy watching the most.
  8. We will gladly welcome you to the bandwagon with open arms!
  9. Well i'm crossed between the Grizzlies and the Suns. lol
  10. Haha yep. They're the closest NBA team to me and I get to go to a good amount of games every year. Who you cheer for in the Association?
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