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  1. Happy Birthday Van Hope you enjoyed the day
  2. You can't enter the 1st and 2nd January fixtures but you can still enter the 3rd and 4th (and onwards if you want) fixtures
  3. Van I have just checked out the thread. I see that 1st and 2nd of January have gone. Can I enter by posting my results for the 3rd and 4th and start like that or should I just wait until the next contest
  4. We'll see about that!

    And cool. Would be brill to have you in it as well pal
  5. Lol No problem will check it Man U all the way
  6. Cool man cool. I feel sorry for you being a United fan :P (I'm a Man City fan lol)
    If you're up for abit of fun I started a premier league contest It's just for a laugh and you never know, you might win it
  7. Not into it that much but I do watch the occasional game (and by this I mean UEFA all the way ) with my friends. My favorite team is Manchester United and favorite players Rooney and Ronaldo. This year I will definitely be watching it more though
  8. Hey bud. You're into football (Premier League) aren't you?
  9. I will add it now lol
  10. I like your sig. But what, no Viva La Rasa, Essa? lol
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