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  1. Ok bro i can't wait for that

    I'm off now see ya later
  2. lol s'ok. Just easier to do them 1 country fixture at a time. People may be persuaded by first fixtures results too or certain sending offs.

    and fair play pal
  3. What an idiot i am,i thought you was posting the first 16 games,my bad bro,sorry

    I don't have a scoring system,i like your EPL systen
  4. 8 games is a good enough number for people to do. Not short, not long. I'll keep up to date with the fixtures and after Group D games you can do the results.

  5. Why you are posting the ist 2 fixtures.Too many games,are they?

    Just asking to know when i will post the results
  6. What point system you doing btw?
  7. I'm posting the 1st 2 fixtures of all 4 groups.
  8. So are you gonna post all groups fixture 1 right?
  9. Don't worry. As long as they're active they'll not miss any.

    What point system you doing btw?
  10. Ok bro,because they wanted from you do it tonight
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