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  1. I should probably put my name in my sig so that the baby stealing reference makes sense shouldn't I?
  2. But over exaggerating the character is what makes it awesome..

    But seriously how good my music!
  3. haha my character isn't me sadly
    i'm nowhere near as confident or arrogant as him lol
  4. Yeah and we can get you an AFL football to bring out
  5. Ever need a tag partner ;D

    We could be called North and South lol
  6. Well let's hope he lives up to the hype then
  7. I will mark the fuck out if he ever wins a championship XD
  8. Look at that I added that character to the HWA roster
  9. I just find it funny...
  10. Meh. It doesn't make me happy or sad lol :P Thanks though?
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