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  1. I know your secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111
  2. Actually change of plan pal.
    I'll do Block B and the opening surprise thing and you can do the final block C and the grand final.
  3. Very well pal.
  4. Oh yeah. Getting there... I'll do most of it tomorrow...
  5. Hey pal.
    Finished Block A + A final completely. I'll do Block C + final and I'll let you do Block B + final, surprise match and the grand final

    Send them to Robareid when you've wrote them
  6. Fucking freo.. I wanted a gold coast win!
  7. I was thinking we make it amazing.
  8. No worries lad

    Considering how late they can be we're okay to delay the pilot to make it interesting to get the ball rolling.

    We'll make this house show just as good as everyones shows :P
  9. Still waiting for roba to reply.
  10. I wasn't going to get scores right anyway...
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