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  1. That's great mate, I'm glad!!!
  2. Yeah mate I'm good.. Yeah bro things turned out really well for the WWE Fed, Going strong!
  3. Hey dude how are you doing???, I hope everything turn out right
  4. Pumpkin Haha! Wow. Long time no see bro!
  5. Dude where are you? Hope everything is okay.
  6. Post the show when your ready mate. Pau has posted his bit in the HQ but is missing the promo from Cody and TJ Perkins.
  7. Okay bro send when your ready.
  8. Thanks me, I'm sending you a PM
  9. Hey man, hope everything is okay now with the problems you had bro Were you able to get any of the Fed done? I'm done with my stuff mate and Pau is doing his.. if you need a hand doing anything just say man
  10. Sorry man, done now..
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