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    Nice to see you around dude!!! Everyone is completely awesome on my side man. I hope all can be said the same for you?
  2. *pokes head round dior* SUP DICKSPLASH?!

    hows you rob? Family ok?
  3. I miss you bruva!! Hopefully you get this, man. It's been too long and I don't know how you're doing! I hope all is well, I hope the kids and missus are well and I hope everyone stays safe, bruv. Get back to me whenever you can dude. Oh, B(aby) is crawling, standing, has FOUR teeth and is trying to talk. He's just over six months old now and he's amazing! Corey has already prestiged on Black Ops II so, he's doing great hahaha!
  4. That's pretty cool man. I saw a TV commercial about that. I was thinking of doing a Facebook for him especially considering it tracks timelines now and shiz. I'm hotly anticipating and of COURSE pics will be available lol. Not to everyone but to those that want to see them, yes. Thanks a lot man, and deffo will be calm, I KNOW I have to lol.
  5. That's great news Rob. I know how excited you all must be right now.. It takes me back to when my lil ankle biters were born.

    I hope your wife has a smooth delivery and that your son will soon have a lil bruv. Don't get too stressed fella. Let nature take its course and be there for each other.

    I expect lots of pics too. I'll be thinking of you all on the day.

    Sidenote: my brother had a baby (Samuel) last year. He opened an email account for him, and all the family send him messages and pictures videos etc throughout the year. The plan is to let him have the account and password etc on his 18th birthday... I think it's a cool idea. Just thought I'd mention it.
  6. Hey, just letting you know the official date of his arrival will be the morning of May 7th! (We got her schedule a couple days ago and you weren't here lol.
  7. Lllleeeeeggggggggggssssssss!!!!!
  8. Hahaha! Stella's FTW!

    Ive been drinking it for nearly 20 years now... I don't drink anything else.

    I went to a beer festival in Belgium once and we popped in to McDonalds... There on the menu... McStella!!!... I shit you not lol
  9. Bruv... I ended up drinking 10 Stella's last night. They're smooth... and catch up to you. WTF?? It didn't help that I had a 5th of Ciclon too. (Rum and Tequila mixed.) But yeah, Stella Artois is DEFINITELY in my top 3 beers now... wow.
  10. You sir have a dedication thread in The Tea Spot... check it out!
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