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  1. Yes thanks mate, all doing very well thanks.
  2. Kash is still around, but I haven't heard from KJam in a while. Mrs. Leggs and the kids okay?
  3. I'm good thanks chap. Kinda lost touch with the wrestling scene... drifting in and out for a bit. I see a lot has gone down over the past year or so. Jabe died, a lot of bans and people not on here anymore. Are KD, Kjam still active?
  4. Leggs! How the hell are you, buddy?

    Yeah, this place is really buggy and definitely not being supported by the main site. I haven't seen a new member in, I dunno, a year. But, some of us still hang around.
  5. Hey man, how's you? Wtf happened to this place? It took me ages to find the forum. It kept sending me to this community board which was a pile of shite. This place has changed.
  6. Yeah, the feds are a different game now, for better or worse. Shame about Jabe, yeah. But, I dunno, it was time, too.
  7. Been on and off for a while. Read a few shows etc. the place has changed so much. Sad to see Jabe die too.
  8. Ha! Young at heart, bruv.

    I'm fine, yeah. College, fedding, same as it ever was. You alright, buddy? Just checking up on us?
  9. Less of the old!

    thanks man. You good?
  10. Leggs, you old bastard!

    Happy Birthday, bruv!
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