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  1. Thanks legs! I'm gonna be doing Promo of the month very soon, it's just so hard to choose only ten!. Btw, I'm gonna be sending you, KD, and 619 something later on about the futures of V-3 so be on the lookout.
  2. Hey Sammy Boy!!!

    As stated earlier, great Mayhem my friend. When is the promo of the month happening?
  3. You aint kidding about the sleep part. I have such a weird sleep schedule at current. I slept all day long and I'm up at 6 am right now. And don't worry about not replying to the PM, I'm sure we'll get around to it one of these days. Oh, and I got the other thing you sent me, you know, about the stuttering, I fixed it for you. get some sleep mate, hopefully I will too
  4. Thanks for the reply to the pm china. Im not being ignorant by not replying, we'll have another chat a bit later... Got to get some sleep!
  5. Most definitely man. Great work as always.
  6. Does it fit in with what you got planned mate?
  7. I got your latest and greatest Legs, beautiful work yet again!!
  8. I found them just for you Cecil! Inbox is all clear! How much fun can we have with dog shit?!
  9. LMAO that is hilarious!! How did you stumble across those vids? Quality stuff there legs, definitely quality. Btw, your inbox is full just to let you know.
  10. All clear mate.. Sorry
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