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  1. Yes my friend. I'm not ignoring you, please trust me. It's just that it's been finals these past couple of weeks and it's been hard to find time. School is almost up though so hopefully we can talk in depth soon.
  2. Any chance of a reply?
  3. Hello there my bruv!!! Any chance?!
  4. Boo!

    Hows it hanging? Slightly shrivelled and to the left?!!
  5. What KD said below!

    We need SES lovin!!!!
  6. SES!!!!!! Heard you've been in the wars bruv. You ok? Leggs needs some love buddy! Get back to me mate.
  7. I'm back baby! Will pm you shortly. Hope you're good bruv. Missed ya... Love you man.
  8. OH and I sent you a response PM too. Sorry for the length on that one and all of the sudden loading you up with notifications.
  9. LMAO! I saw, HILARIOUS vid. Czechoslovakian Yeast ftw!
  10. Check out page 1911 on JBW... Re pulling your pilsner! Nice vid for ya.
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